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210 m2
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650 m

GEUZ international

GEUZ (Georgia-Uzbekistan) Developers Association was established to provide profitable investment opportunities for citizens of Georgia and Uzbekistan.

All construction and management companies that are members of the Association provide detailed reports of the progress of constructions, from the beginning up to turnkey readiness, registration of ownerships, and subsequent management of your property in order to get a guaranteed income.

All deals are absolutely clear, investors receive the best offers and special terms, such as: installments for several years without initial down payments, mortgage loans without bail and small bank’s interest, free flights and bonus tours to get to know with the country and investment projects, as well as government guarantees on the inviolability of private property.

We recommend you consider investment proposals in profitable real estate directly with the developer's sales department, without agents and any other intermediaries - save and gain your finances without providing an interest for the third parties.

Consultations on all investment and law issues are available at any convenient time

О нас
years of successful work


  • A multiyear experience in the international real estate market and construction
  • Prices, discounts and exclusive offers from developers
  • Flexible payments and interest-free installments for the entire period of construction
  • The best seaside and downtown locations
  • Government and legal protectionOur advantages


  • Professional support at all stages of real estate purchase
  • Your personal manager
  • Individual selection of property according to your preferences and budget
  • Online construction supervising
  • Transfers, accommodation, visiting investment projects on site, tourism , personal guide

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Сухроб Самарканд
Нихоят ман хам Батумда квартира олдим. Бошида бир оз хавотир олдим чунки шартномани масофавий имзоламокчи эдим! Грузия курувчилар вакили билан учрашганда, улар хаммасини конуний равишда тушунтириб беришди ва руйхатга олиш пайтида кандай конунларга мурожаат килишни курсатишди. Квартирани булиб тулаш асосида олдим, шундан хам хурсандман
Олег Некрасов
Хотел купить свое жилье у моря. Хотелось страну с понятным языком. Рассматривал Сочи, Турцию и Грузию. Попал в офис на Дархане случайно!Увидел банер в коридоре и зашел. Спасибо девушке Марии за детальное объяснение всех нюансов приобретения недвижимости за рубежом. Спасибо Денису - помогал абсолютно на всех этапах! Купил недорого и то что хотел в Грузии!

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